Giving Opportunities
Sow into the next generation of students


Please help us to continue to offer affordable Christian Degree Programs to students. Partner with us to create grants for deserving ministers who want to grow in their calling and spiritual education. You can create your grant in the name of a loved one whose memory you want to keep alive, your own name so as to leave a legacy of generosity in the earth, in the name of an organization who wants to contribute to the education of the next generation of leaders and by doing this, you will store up treasures in heaven. We are registered as a religious non-profit.

Sending money to a seminary is the insurance for the present and the future that our soul-shepherds be well trained and be godly people. You’re investing in people who are learning how to expound God’s word. That’s going to spillover to benefit not only believers, but if the gospel is spread wide enough it will challenge non-believers to come to faith. I can’t think of anything more important.

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