About Us
Our primary purpose is to equip and empower Christian leaders

About Us

The Door of Favor Theological Seminary is a non-denominational religious non-profit institution of biblical higher education. It was started by the leadership team of the Mended Vessels Christian Community Church to secure the education of Kingdom servants who desire to carry out the great commission with excellence. They recognized that their fellow laborers in the vineyard who have a passion for pastoral ministry, evangelism, outreach, prayer, leadership, and worship need an affordable self-paced online and virtual tertiary program built on a Biblical foundation, therefore they created this institution as a response to that need.

If you are seeking a degree for employment (government, organization, business or ministry), to be licensed by a state or national agency, or to transfer to a regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher learning, please check with the employer, the appropriate licensing agency, or the institution to which you desire to transfer for the acceptance of our degree before you enroll in our program.

Our purpose is to train Christian men and women for the work of Christ.

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