Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration

Credit Hours: 120
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent

Leadership is a great need in the church. The Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration (B.A.C.A.) prospectus is a creative response to the management and administrative leadership needs of the church. The rationale of the Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration is to equip pastors, administrators and church leaders with the relevant knowledge and skills in church leadership, management, and administration. Therefore, the foundation of the course work is to produce effective and knowledgeable leaders for the church of the 21st century.

The aim of the Church Administration course is to prepare personnel to occupy higher leadership positions in the management of the church. The sequence seeks to provide a Bible-based knowledge and skills for those who desire to serve in the management and administration of the church.

Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Degree

  • ADM100 Introduction to Church Administration
  • GBNT660 Corinth: The Troubled Church
  • ADM300 Church Administration from a Biblical Perspective
  • CED251 English I
  • GADM610 Managing the Modern Church
  • ADM401 Marketing for Church Administration
  • BPA260 Awareness of Church Government
  • ADM500 Financial Integrity
  • GBPA520 Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
  • ADM200 Strategic Church Administration

Course Objectives

Students who major in the Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration will be equipped with:

  1. The ability to manage the activities and effort of the church as an administrator.
  2. Relevant biblical and theological foundations to pursue graduate studies.
  3. Knowledge and skills required for the efficient management of the resources of the church.
  4. The ability to provide directions in strategic thinking and organizational initiative for the development and growth of the church.
  5. Knowledge and skills in the deployment of the human and material resources of the Church.
  6. The ability and techniques to manage the finances of the church based on biblical principles.
  7. Understanding of principle marketing techniques that advance the church and the kingdom.
  8. The ability and skills needed in the efficient management of the relationship between the Church and its environment (e.g., government, other denominations and churches, the public).

Graduation Requirements

Before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Complete at least 120 semester credit hours.
  2.  Complete all required coursework, essays, homework, and exams for the respective degree.
  3. Have at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  4. Complete Dominion Theological Seminary’s Degree Completion Application.
  5. A 10,000 Word Thesis on an approved subject will be presented to Dominion Theological Seminary. The thesis becomes the sole property of Dominion Theological Seminary.

Total Cost w/o Books: $2,400.00 (Payment Arrangement Accepted)

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